Financial Operations

Finance Directors are responsible for directing the fiscal operations of their designated school or division, including annual budget calls, accounting, purchasing, payroll, human resources, and grant management. They assist in forecasting trends, environmental analysis, identifying and evaluating issues and exploring new opportunities. They monitor and verify all income and expenditures related to their school or division, ensuring accuracy and compliance. If there is a business matter of significant financial importance, the Finance Director proactively advises the head of their school or division.

Finance Directors recommend, establish, implement and monitor the application of internal controls within the unit while being in compliance with university policies and procedures. This includes assisting the Fixed Asset team with university property assessments on a periodic basis. It also includes adherence to the process for purchasing, where Finance Directors work with the Procurement Department and Tax Department to ensure the necessary process is followed to select, classify, register, and pay a supplier.

The Finance Director is also responsible for maintaining files and records of important documents, as needed.